Journal of Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

International Journal of Human Movement Science

ISSN : 1976-4391 (print)

ISSN : 2586-078X (online)

Vol.13 No.3

Current Issue
Endorser-Brand Congruence, Endorser Authenticity, and Self-Brand Connection: Three-Way Interaction Effects of on Brand Attitude in Sport

Myungwoo Lee , Maeng Lee-seob , Jeon Chansoo , Don Lee

13(3) 1-15, 2019


Consumer perceptions to luxury co-branding partnership in sport wearable market

Hoyeol Yu , Don Lee , Michael Cottingham , Maeng Lee-seob

13(3) 17-29, 2019


The Relationship between Physical Activity, Physical Self-Description, and Well-Being in College Students

Joonyoung Lee , Lauren S. Tashman

13(3) 31-42, 2019


Elementary Pre-service Teachers’ Past Physical Education Experiences and Their Impacts on Beliefs about the Purposes of Elementary Physical Education

Jun Hyung Baek , Min Hyun Kim , Jae Yong Lee

13(3) 43-59, 2019


Effects of Attentional Focus on Reaction Time in Sprint

Jun Hyung Baek

13(3) 61-70, 2019


The comparison of VO2max, maximal HR, maximal RER and protocol duration between treadmill and elliptical cross-training from maximal tests

Yoon Byung-kon

13(3) 71-79, 2019


Comparison of thermoregulation and physiological responses after swimming exercise according to age and swim cap material in women

Jae Joon Shin , Si Young Hwang , Gyeong Heon You , Yun A Shin

13(3) 81-93, 2019


The Effects of Moderate level of Aerobic Exercise on dysmenorrhea among College Woman

Kim Jin-sun , Park Won-hwa

13(3) 95-103, 2019


Relationship among physical activity levels, disability acceptance, and life satisfaction of people with physical disabilities

Uk Kim , Min-soo Yoon

13(3) 105-114, 2019


Using Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling for Longitudinal Analysis in Kinesiology: A Tutorial Review

Seungmin Lee , Nicholas D. Myers , Merve N. Kursav

13(3) 115-131, 2019